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The Queen’s Gambit Outfits Merchandise

The Queen’s Gambit is an American drama TV series, based on the famous novel written by Walter’s Tevis that was launched in 1983. The drama was created by Scott Frank and Allan Scott, and first released on Netflix, on 23 October 2020. The story is fictional. But, not totally fictional, as it’s been inspired by a lot of real-life incidents that happened to the writer himself.

The Chess Prodigy: A Girl Who Learnt Chess At Orphanage

The story is shot with a theme of the 1950s and revolves around a girl whose mother has passed away, and so she’s sent to an orphanage to continue with her life, and: her life never remains the same.

Sending orphans to government care centers was, and still is in many jurisdictions, a normal procedure in those days, and children were sent to orphanages so that they could be taken care of and they could also get some education there. And, most of the orphanages were run by the governments, which meant they were obviously not an ideal place for a child to grow up in.

The main character is that of the chess genius girl Beth Harmon, who is the center of this whole drama. The role is played by the American Argentinian actress Anya Taylor. She loses her mother at a young age in the 1950s and then is enrolled in an orphan center.

A Huge Hurdle in Her Life Shows Up!

The girl is taken care of by the wardens and custodians of the house Helen Deardorff, played by Christiane Seidel, and Mr. Shaibel, done by Bill Camp. The girl learns her first lessons in chess from Mr. Shaibel and begins developing a great interest in the game. She also makes new friends at the orphanage, one of them being Jolene, played by Moses Ingram, who is a little older than Helen herself.

The orphanage gives tranquilizer pills to the children on a daily basis, and it wasn’t illegal during the 50s; the pills were given to help the children sleep well, and forget about whatever incidents and circumstances had brought them into the orphanage. But, for Beth, the pills become an addiction which she finds difficult to live without.

Later on, she is adopted by Alma Wheatley, played by, Marielle Heller, and moves into her new home. She finds out that the woman too is taking the same pills because she had some terrible dreams and the pills helped put her to sleep. Beth enrolls in a chess tournament, and she gets very excited about it. She starts winning a lot of games, although she had no prior experience.

As she wins more and more games and becomes continuously famous her addiction becomes neurotic and just too strong that she begins struggling and finds it difficult to live with her own self. The addiction slowly begins to take control over life. What next? You’ll have to watch the drama to find out the rest of the story. We don’t want to spoil it for you.

A Wonderful Coat and Jackets Collection

The drama has run one successful season and most probably there will be no other season for this drama series. As the directors have stated that they would like the viewers to imagine and draw their own conclusions about what would happen to the orphan girl and how she would continue with her life ahead.

The drama has gained a lot of popularity among the people and is called a very well directed, well carried out, blockbuster show. It has a net rating of 8.8 stars on IMDb and 100% on the rotten tomatoes. Depicted in the series is the period of the 50s and 60s. The clothes worn by the cast are very stylish and top class. And, the collection of Queen’s Gamble coats and jackets is actually in huge demand at the moment.

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