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Emily in Paris Clothing Merchandise

So, the fashion-fever of Emily in Paris Outfits has brought you here! Beyond its storyline and idea, Emily in Paris was remarkable in presenting unique wearable’s and top-notch outfits. Where we’ve smelled the aroma of Gabriel in the air of France, we’ve also seen Emily contrasting with the colors of Romance! This American-French comedy series featured a great mix of fashion sense from two cultures wrapped in a catchy storyline that bound us to binge-watch the whole series. Most of the viewers are even eagerly waiting for the next season to get aired.

Darren star created this series who is also the creator of popular, Sex and the City. The series premiered on Netflix and starred Lily Collins as Emily. Emily joins a marketing firm, “Savoir” in Paris for a year and tries to introduce the American vision at the workplace. She finds it challenging as she is not much welcomed in that place where everyone labeled her bizarre and boring. But Emily is highly energetic and motivated towards her work. Emily faces challenges in her love life, friendship, and cultural conflicts in a city that is completely new to her.

The series features Emily in Paris costumes that are mostly vivacious. Especially, if we take the central character Emily’s wardrobe. Being a social media expert and highly energetic individual, Emily goes with brighter tones that highlight her and keep her in the spotlight. Her character is presented beyond perfect in a fashion game by Patricia Fields who’s actually behind this. She beautifully blended the character’s explicit American aura with the conventional idea of France.

Now coming to what you can find here? Well, now the fashionistas may satisfy their obsession! We have replicated a range of most liked Emily in Paris clothes from the series that are in great demand too. We have everything from Sylvie’s formal wear to Camille’s sassy ensembles. Our designers have created the series’ appealing robes with mastery in premium quality fabric and incredible portrayal of colors. Now you can save your vacations by getting your hands on the catchy outfits from our Emily in Paris range. Say goodbye to those boring outfits you had to carry every now & then and create Emily in Paris wardrobe to try out some vivid and bold apparel without compromising on your fashion needs!